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Share some Cyber Technician (CCT) 212-82 exam questions and answers below.

An MNC hired Brandon, a network defender, to establish secured VPN communication between the company's remote offices. For this purpose, Brandon employed a VPN topology where all the remote offices communicate with the corporate office but communication between the remote offices is denied.

Identify the VPN topology employed by Brandon in the above scenario.

A. Point-to-Point VPN topology

B. Star topology

C. Hub-and-Spoke VPN topology

D. Full-mesh VPN topology

Answer: B

Cassius, a security professional, works for the risk management team in an organization. The team is responsible for performing various activities involved in the risk management process. In this process, Cassius was instructed to select and implement appropriate controls on the identified risks in order to address the risks based on their severity level.

Which of the following risk management phases was Cassius instructed to perform in the above scenario?

A. Risk analysis

B. Risk treatment

C. Risk prioritization

D. Risk identification

Answer: B

Kasen, a cybersecurity specialist at an organization, was working with the businesscontinuity and disaster recovery team. The team initiated various business continuity and discovery activities in the organization. In this process, Kasen established a program to restore both the disaster site and the damaged materials to the pre-disaster levels during an incident.

Which of the following business continuity and disaster recovery activities did Kasen perform in the above scenario?

A. Prevention

B. Resumption

C. Response

D. Recovery

Answer: D

Johnson, an attacker, performed online research for the contact details of reputed cybersecurity firms. He found the contact number of and dialed the number, claiming himself to represent a technical support team from a vendor. He warned that a specific server is about to be compromised and requested to follow the provided instructions. Consequently, he prompted the victim to execute unusual commands and install malicious files, which were then used to collect and pass critical Information to Johnson's machine.

What is the social engineering technique Steve employed in the above scenario?

A. Quid pro quo

B. Diversion theft

C. Elicitation

D. Phishing

Answer: A

You are a penetration tester working to test the user awareness of the employees of the client xyz. You harvested two employees' emails from some public sources and are creating a client-side backdoor to send it to the employees via email.

Which stage of the cyber kill chain are you at?

A. Reconnaissance

B. Command and control

C. Weaponization

D. Exploitation

Answer: C


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