Are you thinking about taking the Atlassian ACP-120 certification to become a Jira Cloud Admin?  ACP-120 Jira Cloud administrator for Cloud Certification covers the skills needed to configure and manage Jira Cloud to support any development or business team. Passcert provides the latest Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Exam Dumps to help you build confidence and you will be able to find out important tips to attempt your ACP-120 exam. All you have to do is to go through the Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Exam Dumps multiple times so you can clear the ACP-120 Jira Cloud Administrator exam on your first attempt.
Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Exam Dumps

Exam Prerequisites

You have 1-2 years of experience administering Jira Cloud.
You can interpret and translate business requirements into product configurations.
You’re a guru when it comes to workflows, security, permissions, project schemes, and system settings available through the user interface.
You understand features specific to Jira Cloud.
You grasp how administrative choices affect Jira's scalability and day-to-day manageability.
You leverage Atlassian resources and community to help your team implement best practices within Jira.

ACP-120 Exam Details

Number of questions: Up to 75 questions
Passing score: 64%
Exam time: 180 minutes (3 hours)
Price: $250

ACP-120 Exam Sections

User Features
Configuring Global Settings and User Communication
Product and Project Access and Permissions
General Project Configuration
Issue Types, Fields, and Screens
Workflows and Classic Projects
Notifications and Email

Share Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Sample Questions

1. Which configurations do Not have any impact on email notifications sent to users
A. Workflow post functions
B. Version Configurations
C. Custom Events
D. Premission Schemes
Answer: B
2. Currently, several groups and project robs are listed in every system event of the DEV Notification Scheme and should remain that way. A new requirementstates that when DEV issues move from the status Open to status Assigned, only Project Rob (Managers) should be notified.
DEV project does notshare any of its schemes.Identify the event that needs to be configured.
A. Custom event
B. Issue Moved
C. Issue Assigned
D. Work Started On Issue
Answer: A
3. Your management team needs to see a list of only those issues that were resolved in the previous week, from Sunday to Saturday. The list needs to be sent to them each week on Tuesdays. You plan to create a saved filter and filter subscription to do this. Which JQL query will Mum the correct results?
A. resolved end0fWeek(1)
B. resolved ,= start0fWeek(-1) AND resolved start0fWeek0
C. status changed TO RESOLVED BEFORE startOfWeek()
D. resolved>=startOfDay(-7) AND resolved < startOfDay()
Answer: B
4. Ann is a Jira administrator of one site within your Atlassian organization. What can Ann do?
A. She can add other Jira admins to the site.
B. She can add other org admins to the site.
C. She can add admin users to roles on the site.
D. She can add non-admin users to the site.
E. She can add other admins to groups on the site.
Answer: C
5. Which statement is true about Jira Cloud user management?
A. Approved domains always apply to all products on a site.
B. Invitation links are generated for all products on a site.
C. Default groups always apply to all products on a site.
D. Org admins can see all products on a site.
Answer: D