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Share some JNCIA-MistAI JN0-451 exam questions and answers below.

RF templates are assigned to which Mist configuration object?

A.config templates

B.site groups



Answer: A

A retail customer has legacy 2.4 GHz scanners that need to connect to the WLAN, but they are not connecting.

Which WLAN data rate setting is required for these devices to connect?

A.Custom Rates


C.High Density

D.No Legacy

Answer: B

What happens first when a client requests to join a WLAN?

A.802. 11 authentication

B.ARP request

C.802.11 association

D.DHCP discovery

Answer: A

You are the only tenant in a building that has Wi-Fi. At times, the Wi-Fi network appears to be slow and you want to determine if the microwave oven is causing an issue because it is used throughput the day. Which SLE metric and classifier should you look at to determine the issue?

A.throughput/network issues

B.capacity/wifi interference


D.capacity/non-wifi interference

Answer: D

Mist WLAN objects are configurable at which two levels? (Choose two.)

A.site group



D.access point

Answer: C, D


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