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Share some CLSA PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam questions and answers below.

The SLA and the customer’s system administrator are reviewing scenarios that do not require an application server restart. Select three scenarios from this list. (choose three)

A. When deploying rule only hotflxes

B. When changing the prweb web.xml file

C. When changing the system name

D. When the deploying new rules

E. When the prlogging.xml file is modified

Answer: A,D,E

What two recommendations do you provide to the development team to ensure the performance of the Pega application does not degrade over time? (Choose Two)

A. Add indexes to all columns.

B. Purge workparty UUI index tables periodically.

C. Schedule scripts to maintain frequently fragmented tables.

D. Purge and/or archive records based on the company's record retention policy.

Answer: C,D

BigCo receives complaints from existing customers and new prospects that BiyCo repi irrelevant offers and products.

Which two Pega solutions do you suggest to help solve this problem? (Choose Two)

A. Pega Marketing

B. Pega Customer Service

C. Robotic Process Automation

D. Customer Decision Hub

Answer: A,D

A pega application has cases that represent customer accounts each with many members.

When a member of a customer account registers with the application through an offline component, a related registration transaction is recorded. An advanced agent updates the customer account cases with new members. The application is running in a multimode system and advanced agents are enabled on all nodes.

Which two elements are valid design choices? (choose two)

A. Use the optimistic locking option on the case types.

B. Create a Registration subcase configured to run in offline mode.

C. Leverage the default object lock contention requeuing capability.

D. Override DetermineLockString to use .AccountID instead of .pyID as the lock string.

Answer: B,C

Security policies need to be configured for a newly developed Pega application using basic credential authentication. The lockout policy configuration must lock out users after three failed login attempts. The configuration must exclude Administrator or Executive operators from the lockout.

How do you achieve this requirement?

A. Define operator override setting in enterprise authentication system

B. Create a separate role for Admin Executives

C. Use Exclude Operators options in Security Policies landing page

D. Define Access Control Policy to exclude Admin Executives

Answer: B

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