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Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a Salesforce B2B multi-cloud project with large volumes of data and daily transactions from multiple third-party systems via multiple integrations. UC is looking at transactions of more than 1 million records a week and, in higher seasons, 10 million records a week. UC has made the decision to get a full copy sandbox to use to test all of its third-party integrations across its multiple clouds. UC has also invested in MuleSoft and the Anypoint Platform as the single enterprise service bus for all of the third-party data going into Salesforce.

Which type of performance testing should a Solution Architect recommend for testing data at scale on this project?

A. Perform API load test against the full copy sandbox before go live.

B. Perform unit testing against the full copy sandbox codebase before go live in production.

C. Perform page load testing against production after go live.

D. Perform API load test against the partial copy sandbox before go live.

Answer: A

A shipping and logistics company uses Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. It relies on Salesforce standard reports for its current KPIs. However, the company wants to see report trends and complex analytics. It also wants the reports to be visible to salesforce users as well as non-Salesforce users.

Which recommendation should a solution Architect make to meet the company's needs?

A. Sales Cloud Einstein

B. Reporting snapshots

C. CRM Analytics

D. Standard Dashboards

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) wants to implement a Salesforce multi-cloud solution that includes CPQ, B2B Commerce, and Sales Cloud. UC wants to use as much of Salesforce's core capabilities as possible for its cart-to-quote customer journey. The order fulfillment process is managed separately in a third-party ERP.

Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind when thinking about data flows? Choose 2 answers

A. Product and Pricing are set up with CPQ as the source of record.

B. The source for the data feed to ERP is the CPQ Order object.

C. All data points on products should be mapped and replicated between CPQ and B2B Commerce.

D. Cart and Order record owners are mapped to Quote and Quote Line record owners.

Answer: A,C

During a B2B multi-cloud implementation, an executive sponsor from Universal Containers (UC) approaches the Solution Architect to discuss ongoing support and new functionality that will be rolled out to support UC. The current implementation supports Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to ensure features are enabled without impacting user efficiency? Choose 3 answers

A. Give users a way to raise support tickets for new features they do not understand.

B. Give users the ability to opt-out of any new feature they dislike.

C. Fully document all customizations added to the system.

D. Communicate and train users on new features.

E. Ensure development, training, and production environments are in place.

Answer: A,D,E

Universal Containers is in the process of implementing CPQ and Billing while integrating with ERP for order fulfillment. The Development team is looking to gather regular feedback from the business stakeholders through each sprint. Also, supporting an Agile methodology, they have agreed on a reasonable amount of flexibility in requirements during the course of the project.

Which area should a Solution Architect look to receive feedback on at the earliest?

A. Pricing sync between CPQ and ERP

B. Modifications required to ERP for integration purposes

C. Product and Pricing structure setup in CPQ

D. Invoice capabilities in ERP to accommodate billing

Answer: C

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